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Fox News – Following the Tax Trail…

Travis H. Brown on Fox and Friends – The United States of Taxation

Fox & Friends: Travis H. Brown Discusses the “Six Californias” Initiative #13-0063

“Cheeseheads” Leaving Because of Taxes


Despite excellent leadership by Governor Scott Walker, citizens of Wisconsin are leaving the state due to oppressive tax rates, according to a recent study by the free-market MacIver Institute. The governor made a historic amount of tax cuts, yet work remains to be done. The study shows that for many of Wisconsin's ci...

All Smiles in Branson!


Located just a couple of miles from the border with Arkansas, the small city of Branson, Missouri, much on which to pride itself. Over the past three decades the city has undergone dramatic development with its population increasing from just over 2,000 residents in 1980 to over 10,000 in 2012. With nearly eight million tourists traveling to Branson last year, the city boasts over 100,000 hotel rooms and over 60,000 theater seats – a remarkable...

Elections May Not Be Won Purely by Accomplishments – Case in Point, Florida


As the clock ticks towards the November elections, several Republican governors find themselves in very tight races for re-election. But the closeness of each race results from totally different reasons. Some have to do with objections to their conservative position on taxes and their limited-government policies, but one in particular owes to a major shift in population. Ironically, the same population migration that brought enormous wealth into ...